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For a mortgage that is! Recent data suggests that nearly half of domestic borrowers fail to shop lenders for a loan. It’s imperative, if you are shopping for a home, please shop for a loan! The home-buying process is stressful and intimidating enough, right? So don’t make it harder! Work with reputable lenders and brokers and make them do the leg-work prior to you and your family falling in love with your dream home. Being financially transparent is the means behind every successful and smooth transaction.  The entire mindset of acquiring funding for the most important purchase of nearly all Americans’ lives must change, especially if those same American families spend more time shopping for a vehicle.

Here at Hayden Real Estate, we encourage buyers to use every opportunity to educate themselves. By visiting, anyone involved in real estate can gain necessary knowledge to make informed and educated decisions. As your Realtor, we don’t want our clients to experience buyer’s remorse, which usually comes from impulsive and emotional decision-making.

A couple of tips from Hayden Real Estate… Speak with several companies and lenders during pre-qualification. Ask each of them about every type of loan available, not just what they think best fits your financial condition. Let’s face it, only you know your financial condition. Be transparent, this is no time to hold back or embellish. Sooner or later, the person awarding you large sums of money will know everything! If you know your credit is on the cusp, don’t let that obligate you to the first lender that will say yes! If one will, chances are another will too. Tread lightly with online services. Brick and mortar has more to lose when it comes to customer service. Furthermore, it can be difficult to authenticate an online service.

A crucial component to a successful transaction on either side is being with the right people. Occasionally it takes patience! Good luck and we look forward to assisting you with your selling or buying experience.

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Welcome to Hayden Realty

Welcome to Hayden Realty