Do These Things Months Before Selling…

Before putting up the For Sale sign, there are a number of decisions and steps you need to take in order to have the smoothest sale and get highest price you can. Here is a quick overview of those first steps:

  1. Choose when to sell. You may not have a choice, especially if a job transfer is in the works. But if you can, wait until the optimal “home selling” time of year for your area. Discuss this with me now.
  2. Choose the best agent. The agent you select will be in charge of advertising, showing, negotiating, managing inspections, and completing the legal requirements of selling your home, so choose someone with credibility and experience. It costs no more to hire a great real estate agent than it does to hire any other agent, so you might as well get the best for your money.
  3. Work on your house. You need to see your house through different eyes in order to maximize your selling potential. As your agent, I can point out where to make repairs, remodel, or stage to improve buyer interest and attract offers.
  4. Plan the sale. You’ll need to set a price, determine inclusions, open paperwork, plan the showing process, and tentatively plan packing and moving. Figure that you’ll be in “for sale” mode for several months, and don’t try to do other major activities during that time.