A “Simple” Way to Be More Highly Effective

Most of us recognize that in order to change, we must take action of some kind. We can’t just “wish” for things to be different. We must exercise to improve our health. We must send resumes to change jobs. We must seek advice about children who are getting out of hand. But not everyone takes action in the same way. More highly effective people tend to take action sooner, proactively. Less effective people often wait for a compelling event to force them into action. For instance, instead of looking for another job, they wait until they’re fired, then start looking. Instead of losing weight, they wait until the doctor tells them they have diabetes, then eat better. Only when the situation becomes critical do they decide it’s time to act. If we want to have better control in our lives, we must act voluntarily before we’re compelled to act involuntarily. Look around your life. Are there small (or even large) challenges that you are ignoring? Consider a broken brake light on your car. By taking the annoying, but proactive step of using your lunch period to get it fixed now, you’ll save yourself much more time and headache than if you wait until you’re ticketed or cause an accident. Living an effective life is often a matter of choosing to act as soon as you notice a need. What would happen if you acted immediately on the small things as quickly as possible? Why not try it and find out? Let me know how it goes.