Do These Things Months Before Selling…

Before putting up the For Sale sign, there are a number of decisions and steps you need to take in order to have the smoothest sale and get highest price you can. Here is a quick overview of those first steps: Choose when to sell. You may not have a choice, especially if a job transfer is in [....]

A “Simple” Way to Be More Highly Effective

Most of us recognize that in order to change, we must take action of some kind. We can’t just “wish” for things to be different. We must exercise to improve our health. We must send resumes to change jobs. We must seek advice about children who are getting out of hand. But not everyone takes [....]

Shop Till You Drop

For a mortgage that is! Recent data suggests that nearly half of domestic borrowers fail to shop lenders for a loan. It’s imperative, if you are shopping for a home, please shop for a loan! The home-buying process is stressful and intimidating enough, right? So don’t make it harder! Work with [....]

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Welcome to Hayden Realty

Welcome to Hayden Realty